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Are you a Businessman In Thailand? Worried your companies secrets are getting stolen by a rival? Do you think your Business partner is hiding something from you? Then you’re in need of a Thailand Corporate Investigator 

Thailand Private investigators is the number 1 Corporate Investigation Company in Thailand.

About Our Corporate Investigations

When you hear the term “Thailand corporate investigations,” you often think of notorious corporate scandals. Investigators, often referred to as financial investigators or fraud investigators, are experts in business and are revered by companies and organizations that seek to curb fraud, embezzlement and misconduct. We offer free consultancy with the the best of the best when it comes to Thailand Corporate Investigators. The work of our Thailand corporate investigators could help your companies save money, avoid financial disasters, gather evidence to prosecute and receive financial compensation, and hire and retain outstanding management teams and workers. Investigators from the companies are well trained and experienced in questioning witnesses to obtain affidavits that could be used in a trial. Many companies turn to their corporate investigator for this work because these professionals have the knowledge and skills to expertly and legally uncover and collect data that is permitted in court and without company policy. Remember that hiring our experienced private detectives in the field of  Thailand corporate investigations, means you will have investigators who knows the ins and outs of thai corporate law means that you will have access to all the important information that may be permitted in some courts. Our company has been in the Thailand corporate investigator work for more several years and has extensive experience in monitoring someone. In severe cases, we entrust the investigation to registered law firms who have the necessary credentials to do the job. Our corporate investigators monitor and can provide you with useful information from their experience. Since a successful trial depends on good and legally acceptable evidence, it is only logical that our firm provides investigative services to find the evidence so that it becomes legally admissible. We can also help Lawyers can prepare and organize your evidence so that it can be used in a court in Thailand and elsewhere.Our branch of Thailand Corporate Investigators work persistently with the leads they have to determine the true nature of the investigation and the possible consequences of their findings. If an investigation is discovered and then traced back to headquarters, even investigators working from home, it can happen. It is vital that you use the tips outlined above to give your researcher the investigative tools he needs to protect his investigation of your company from discovery. For a free consultation with Thailand’s top Corporate Investigators, please use click the “Free Consultation” button at the top of this page or call us at +66-837031138

We can work with your compliance company or general counsel to determine the complexity of your investigation needs. The private investigator you hire will guide you through your case to the specific services you need. This depends on the type of investigation and type of investigation, as well as the level of expertise available to you.

For example, a corporate investigation can uncover fraud and embezzlement, to name a few, or uncover legitimate business partners, employees stolen from the company, and uncover evidence that your partners could also be partners of your competitors. During your research in companies, you can see which departments may be hiding data, whether your business partner is legitimate or whether a mole is posing as an applicant.

By mixing with your company, investigators can look for clues about the company’s business practices, such as the use of outside contractors, employees and business partners. Our Corporate investigators also work to help identify and identify potential fraud suspects and potential targets for investigation. 

In addition to internal theft and fraud, investigators are often required to do everything from due diligence for shareholders and business partners to investigations of outside companies to determine whether mergers and acquisitions make financial sense. Large companies often have investigators on their guard and internal investigators when they are investigated by the Thai federal agencies. Our professional and discreet corporate investigators and lawyers have handled thousands of cases for Thailand’s police authorities and have developed extensive experience in law enforcement, criminal justice and criminal defence. If you want to monitor someone in Thailand, we will help you and make sure you get all the information you need. Our private investigators utilise state of the art technology and tactics to gather the evidence you need, to work in coordination and support you in building a broad network of contacts throughout Thailand.

What We Offer

Thailand Private Detectives is the number one choice for any Thailand Corporate investigations. If you hire a private investigator, you should consider how to anticipate any of the possible outcomes of the investigation. Our investigation can relieve an employee or uncover a deep-rooted problem within the company that requires immediate attention and action. 

We offer a wide range of screening services in Thailand and we also provide due diligence services for corporate clients doing business with Thai individuals and companies. We work with and obtain our services from a wide range of private investigators in Bangkok and other provinces. 

Our Thailand Corporate Investigation service involves many different aspects of Private Investigation work. We can locate people, be they missing or lying about their whereabouts. We investigate individuals, businesses and large corporations. Nothing is out of our abilities. We can find anything you need.

Thailand Corporate Investigations

Having worked in the Private Investigation field in Thailand for many years, we have gained a unique insight into how everything works in the corporate world in Thailand. We offer Thailand’s best Corporate Investigators, who have a wealth of experience in the field. You can rest assure knowing the most capable Corporate Investigators will find out the information you need to save your company. 

We have integrated our company into every aspect of Thai society. This makes it easy for us to find the answers you need. We believe in being discreet and professional, we never judge a client and take even the smallest of requests as serious as the biggest ones. Let us help you. 

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